Why Tech Sales Is A Good Choice For Senior Sales Professionals

tech advancements tech sales Jun 10, 2023

In the not-so-distant past, choosing a career meant sticking to a single path from adolescence onwards. However, today's career landscape is much more fluid, particularly with the influence of technology rendering some jobs obsolete while creating new and exciting opportunities. As a result, many sales professionals are now venturing into the realm of tech sales, finding lucrative and fulfilling careers that connect their previous experience with modern advancements.

What Exactly is Tech Sales?

If you're a seasoned sales professional seeking to revive your career, you may have heard about tech sales but are unsure about its specifics. So, what does tech sales entail?

Tech sales primarily involves selling technology solutions to businesses, making it a business-to-business (B2B) transaction. Let's say the company you work for develops a photo editing program. If you sell this software to another company, such as Apple, congratulations—you've just made a tech sale!

It's essential not to confuse tech sales with business-to-customer (B2C) transactions, which typically involve less effort and complexity. For instance, selling a photo editing program to an individual consumer may require less time and effort but also offers less significant rewards.

When working in tech sales, you'll often engage with company executives since substantial investments and risks are involved. This is why tech sales jobs usually come with higher salaries than most other sales roles. It's crucial to emphasize that "higher" in this context signifies significantly better compensation. Tech sales can be more challenging due to the risks inherent in B2B transactions.

How to Begin a Career in Tech Sales

There are numerous reasons why someone might consider a career in tech sales: it's new, exciting, offers better pay, and often provides flexible working hours, allowing for remote work or the ability to design your own schedule. Some days, you may find yourself hardly working at all, while on others, you may put in 18-hour days.

In most tech-focused businesses, the working hours are less important than the actual sale itself. If you close a deal, your schedule matters less. Additionally, many tech sales positions offer commissions, and when significant sums of money are involved, the commission rates tend to be quite high. Perhaps you've also noticed the ongoing tech revolution and want to be a part of it. In any case, we commend your interest.

But how does one embark on a tech sales career? It's not as challenging as you might think, and the number of opportunities is steadily growing.

Typical Tech Sales Career Path

While the following career path represents a common trajectory in tech sales, it's important to note that there is considerable variation and specialization in the field due to the diverse range of tech jobs available. Nonetheless, here's a rough outline:

  1. Sales Development Representative (SDR): You'll begin your journey as an SDR.

How to Land an SDR Job: If you're transitioning from another field, we highly recommend seeking a role related to your previous expertise and skill set. For instance, if you previously sold books, look for a position with a company that creates software related to e-readers. If you sold guitars, explore opportunities at a business that develops guitar tuning apps.

As an SDR, your responsibilities will include managing account relationships by providing strategic service and support to the assigned customer base. You'll typically qualify inbound marketing leads and then pass them on to Account Executives. You may also set up meetings for the Account Executives through methods such as cold-calling, emailing, or utilizing platforms like LinkedIn and its alternatives.

  1. Account Executive: With time and success, you'll be promoted to an Account Executive role.

Titles may vary, but an Account Executive is responsible for closing the leads they receive and meeting sales quotas. If you consistently exceed these quotas, you will have the opportunity for further advancement.

  1. Customer Success Manager: As you continue to excel in your career, you may transition into the role of a Customer Success Manager.

While the title may sound similar to customer support, it actually involves a different focus. A Customer Success Manager's primary responsibility is to ensure the satisfaction and success of existing customers. This involves understanding their needs, addressing any issues or challenges they may face, and ensuring they achieve positive outcomes through the use of the product or service. The goal is to cultivate strong relationships with customers and retain their business.

  1. Team Leader: As you progress further, you may be entrusted with the position of Team Leader.

As a Team Leader, you become the most valuable player in your sales team. You will be responsible for leading a team of high-achieving sales professionals within your company. Your role includes overseeing their performance, guiding them towards meeting their quotas, and providing regular reports to the Vice President or other higher-level executives. Your expertise and leadership skills will play a vital role in driving the success of your team.

Tech Sales: Is it Challenging?

For recent college graduates, tech sales may present some initial challenges. However, for experienced sales professionals with a well-established local network, it may not be as difficult to navigate.

That being said, tech sales is an excellent choice for seasoned sales professionals seeking to transition from a stagnant career that no longer excites them. Like any other job, if you have a natural aptitude for it and genuinely enjoy the work, it becomes a pleasurable experience. On the other hand, if you don't find fulfillment in the role, it can become tedious. Tech sales is best suited for individuals who are goal-oriented, thrive in competitive environments, and enjoy the thrill of surpassing high quotas.

Furthermore, if you crave the excitement of learning new things and want to be at the forefront of technological advancements, tech sales offers a satisfying and financially rewarding career. Each software or solution you sell will be different, allowing you to continually expand your knowledge and seize opportunities to capitalize on emerging trends.

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