Transformative Steps for Black Representation in Tech Jobs

career advancement insights Feb 02, 2024

While the number and diversity of tech jobs have expanded over the past two decades, the composition of the technology workforce in the United States has not kept pace with the overall workforce. Despite ongoing efforts to enhance representation of Black employees and executives in various technology-related roles across industries, there remains significant room for improvement.

In the current landscape, Black individuals constitute 12 percent of the overall US workforce, but their representation in tech jobs is only 8 percent. This underrepresentation becomes more pronounced as one ascends the corporate hierarchy, with just 3 percent of technology executives in the C-suite identified as Black, according to McKinsey's examination of Fortune 500 executives. The disparity is anticipated to persist and potentially widen in the coming decade. While technology jobs in areas such as data science, engineering, cybersecurity, and software development are projected to grow by 14 percent by 2032 across all industries, the growth rate for Black tech talent in these roles is anticipated to be only 8 percent over the same period (see Exhibit 1).


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